Claude Weisberg was born in Genoa-Italy in 1966.

He performed for many local artists and groups like backing vocals. He was lead vocal of progressive-rock groups called "Winds of Destiny" and "Glamis" since 1995 til 1998. He left "Glamis" at the beginning of 1999 for starting his solist career with a project called “Different World”, showing love for his favourite music and artists as Genesis, Marillion, Toto and David Foster. Maurizio Antognoli (Aelian), Luca Canepa, Adriano Arena and Marco Carbone (Alive) enjoyed this project.

After an hiatus of 12 years, on September 2011 Claude entered in studio for recording songs for his new e.p. "Here I am", released for Maia Records on July 14th and July 12th on I-Tunes. The album, recorded and mixed at Sherwood Forest by Andrea Vassalini, contains 4 songs in perfect style between Toto and Gino Vannelli’s sounding with many important collaborations of musicians as Herman Furin (Work Of Art), Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops), Taylor Mesple, Charlie Giardina (Flamedown), Jean Michel Byron (ex Toto), Michael Thompson, Robbie Buchanan, Maurizio Antognoli, Adriano Arena, Luca Canepa, Magnus Midelf, Marco Carbone, Robert Ingebretsen.Claude Weisberg

"Here I am" got very positive critic reviews around the world and Claude was so excited to go on through that incredible adventure. He's just working on new album "Newest Things",which should be released between 2013/2014. "Newest Things" will contain 10 songs in perfect westcoast and progressive style and with special musicians as Herman Furin and Robert Sall of Work of Art, all Kilimanjaro and Flamedown guys, Michael Landau, Robbie Buchanan, Jimmy Haslip, David Diggs, Rob Meurer, Taylor Mesple, Nick Muneratti, Glen Goto, Kere Buchanan, Alex Kronbrink of Sonic Station, Dave Banbridge of Iona, Andy Connell, Lorne Connell, Adriano Arena, Maurizio Antognoli, Christian Marras, Federico Pergolesi, Riccardo Merlini, Luca Canepa, Andrea Di Puccio, Marco Carbone, Remy Lelou, Magnus Midelf and many others.

After "Newest Things" release, Claude will start a promotional tour with his band for promoting his music world. Claude will update about the status of his new work by FB and Twitter pages. For sure we already know that "Hard Times" will be the first single of the album.